Artist: Yutani

YuTaNi is the brainchild of Connor Reid, a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Glasgow, Scotland. A self-taught student of music, Reid has been dabbling in various electronic spheres since the age of 16, encompassing a range of genres including drone, acid house and dark ambient. Still just in his early 20’s, the multi-instrumentalist can already count the likes of Mogwai’s Barry Burns, Pitchfork’s Ned Raggett and Stuart McLean – mastermind behind the Dark Outside radio broadcast – among his admirers. After initially experimenting with electronic music as a result of chronic boredom back in 2011, Reid quickly began to develop compositions far beyond the technical capabilities of a hobbyist, utilising an assortment of leftfield instruments such as kalimba, zither and didgeridoo to warp and ply his sounds into the unrecognisable. Inspired by outlier icons such as San Francisco surrealists The Residents and Japanese postmodernist Haruki Murakami, for Reid, embracing the unknown has always come naturally: “I once borrowed a saxophone and learnt how to play a major scale. I also had a violin for a while and felt comfortable with that, but it wasn’t a full size violin so it was too hard to use and I had to give it away. I real enjoy using the music theory I know and applying it to new instruments but then learning new techniques and different approaches.” Further influences come as disparate as Captain Beefheart and Burial, to Ken Ishii and Kraftwerk.

The Glasgow Southsider’s creative impulses do not begin and end with Yutani, however. As the one third of the twisted pop tour de force that is Machines in Heaven, guitarist and producer Reid’s roll call of accomplishments include playing festivals such as T in the Park, Wickerman, Connect and Brew at the Bog, as well as live performances on STV and the BBC. Already YuTaNi’s music has been played out on BBC Radio 1’s Introducing Scotland with Ally McCrae and Subcity, while the track ‘Roadside Picnic’ also featured on local beat tape label Handpicked’s playlist comprised of Scotland’s most promising young producers. Tangible recognition came when Reid was awarded a ‘Local Hero Award’ from Synth Glasgow, who then featured one of his tracks at number three in their year-end list for 2011. Reid joined artists such as Portishead’s Geoff Barrow, Soviet France and Throbbing Gristle’s Chris Carter in contributing music to the Dark Outside guerrilla music festival.

Reid cemented his status as one of the country’s most burgeoning young talents when he released his debut LP ‘At the End of the Day’ last summer, showcasing a masterful sense of eclecticism which belied his years in what has been described as an ambient excursion of the astral body. Connor is currently on sabbatical, we’re really looking forward to what he produces on his return.



  • Yutani on Sabatical just now


“Gorgeous soundscapes.” by Martin Wiliams – The Herald

“A great album, the depth and soundscapes develop, ebb and flow to create a very unique ambience.” by James Young (Darkstar – WARP)

“Really beautiful, powerful stuff.” by Ned Raggett (Writer for Fact / Pitchfork / The Quietus etc)

“Awesome Glasgow music.” ” by Barry Burns, Mogwai