‘Black Tarot’ is the new album from Glasgow’s Blood Blood, aka talented multi-instrumentalist Davey Gwynne, also a member of the fearlessly experimental band Machines In Heaven. His fourth solo LP is a sonic labyrinth, flitting from the polyrhythmic broken beat of ‘Sungazers’ to the wide-screen electro-ambience of ‘Fly By’.

Occasionally exploring similar sonic territory to LuckyMe’s sevendeaths or Claude Speeed, with nods to the formal improvisation and experimentation of Ben Frost, Oneohtrix Point Never or John Cage, and channelling the cosmic scope of Flying Lotus, ‘Black Tarot’ is an evolution for Blood Blood – the sound of an artist at the peak of his powers.

Gwynne started writing music at a very young age, mostly on piano and acoustic guitar. He decided to return to Glasgow in 2008 after a few years drifting and started making music under the Blood Blood moniker. His first release ‘Autumn/Harvest’ – full of distorted, lo-fi electronics, wispy vocals and improvisational passages – was quickly picked up by Chicago label ihadanaccident.

‘The Last Starfighter’ – the second full length, and last largely improvised LP – followed shortly after. Then came 2011’s ‘Causal Body’ – the most vocal LP yet, with 17 lo-fi electronic pop songs that remain live favourites, with a sensational live show that drew comparisons to John Maus.

In 2014 he released ‘Sunday/Worship’, praised by for its “experimental invention above form” as “perplexing and commendable.” The album, mostly instrumental, was very well received and saw Blood Blood booked for more live shows, including a short tour and packed gigs in the Basque country after supporting Basque band Belako on home turf in Glasgow

Gwynne continues to be a key member and core songwriter in the award-winning Machines in Heaven, and has also been working on new material for several projects,. The long-awaited Black Tarot will be released 25.05 2018 by Hot Gem.